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Sintra (between the Sea and the Mountain)

The town of Sintra has been classified since 1995 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in the district of Lisbon (30 kms), the Portuguese town of Sintra is considered one of the most privileged places for tourism and leisure in the country, standing out for its very own micro-climate, where it combines components of Mediterranean and north to hundreds of exotic trees and flowers, in a truly unique setting of gardens, parks and forests.

The town of Sintra stood out in the past as a place of aristocratic vacation and leisure.

Between the second half of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century, Sintra became a privileged place for artists: musicians like Viana da Motta; painter-musicians such as Alfredo Keil; painters such as Cristino da Silva (the author of one of the most famous paintings of Portuguese romanticism, Cinco Artistas em Sintra); writers like Eça de Queiróz or Ramalho Ortigão, all of them lived here, worked or looked for inspiration.

Many other artists were seduced by Sintra. Sintra was transformed into written, painted, sung and remembered art by Byron, Christian Andersen, Richard Strauss and William Burnett, among others.

The historical and architectural circumstance dictated to Sintra and its Serra a unique individuality that did not exhaust itself in the regal Palácio da Pena. But, on the contrary, it oscillated between theory and the assumption of the “construction” of a romantic landscape, formalizing itself in archetypes that led to the vast ensemble of revivalist architecture and which, here, entered well into the century. XX inside.

Sintra is not just any village”, as Art historian Vítor Serrão wrote in 1989, Sintra is a World Heritage Site, it is a Cultural Landscape (classified by UNESCO).

Sintra is a parallel universe, which we only know from dreams, but which exists very close by.

In short, Sintra is the true and only capital of Romanticism. – “Sintra is the only place in the country where History became a garden. Because its entire legend converges there and its own monuments speak less of the past than of an eternal present of greenery. And the memory of what it really was in tragedy it fades into the air or turns green into an ivy on an ancient wall, In Sintra you don’t die – you pass alive to the other side. Because death is impossible in the vigor of beauty. collaborate.” ‘Praise Amar’, Vergílio Ferreira.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the millionaire Carvalho Monteiro built Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, a luxury palace of neo-Manueline architecture.